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Hey Reed,
I received the photos of Donny and they are awsome!!! He loved the way they came out and we really appteciate it. We will order the others from Del Mar. I just wanted to let you know the shots were awsome and they came out great.
...Thank you, Jordyn

Congrats on the buckle, that is awsome!! Well deserved. Thanks for the copy for FB, it's so clear you can really see the focus in his eyes. He is so special to me. Thanks again!!

Thanks so much for your wonderful photos. I ordered last year also. Our grandson has his photo in his room. Thought he might enjoy the most recent photo. Sincerely...

Thank you Reed, We appreciate the photos and all of your photographic work to reflect the heart of our fine Country through the Lakeside Rodeo,
Best regards,Will

Dear Mr. Settle, Thank you so much for all your time, hard work, and talent in taking such beautiful photographs of the 2009 Poway Rodeo Queens Pageant. I so appreciate you capturing all of the special moments and memories that will last a life time. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Ramona Rodeo, and adding even more to my photo album!
Sincerely, Laura Andersen, Poway Rodeo Jr. Queen

Hi Reed, Thanks for sending them to me; the only question requires your professional opinion; on the top picture from my daughter she looks a little more worried to me than on the small one on the bottom left, therefore would you swap those two or would you keep it in order of going around the barrel?? Maybe her face looks the same to you in both pictures?? Ill go either way, based on what you think is best. The other one is great (they both are).
Thanks so much Reed,
Youre the BEST Reed, thanks so much, I just uploaded them and tagged you in it. Have a great week,
Kindest regards,

Hi Reed-I am very excited to hear you were photographing the kids during the mutton busting contest today (2/9). B W is my son and he was the first rider that rode 2.4 seconds. Just curious when the pictures are going to be up? I am definitely excited to purchase the photos from you. Please let me know. Thanks so much!
...Amy W

Let me ask them how to do that. The photo is going in a magazine, so I'm not sure how that's done, but I'm sure it would be fine. Just have to figure out how to do it!!! It will be used in Humps & Horns Magazine.

Hi there, Reed
I have a question I really LOVE DSC9084, 9099 & 9107 from Poway rodeo slack! How can I get all three on one photo with a caption? Maybe a 11X14? For sure 9099 as the larger of the 3! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!!!
Sent from Katy's iPad

Much better! This headshot looks much more like I remember him. The only thing that Id like is for you to keep more of the bulk of his chest, it is cut off a bit. I have an enlarged copyof this photo here and the breast collar continues way up to his chin. Sorry to be so picky but his chest was one of the things that made him stand out. I want the photo to highlight as much of his musculature as possible. It would be gret if you could put this under the words Casper: MAY 19, 1988- EARLY AUGUST 1999 Thanks! Im so excited to see how they all came out. It is wonderful to have someone right here in town who takes care of me! M
PS make sure you give me some of your cards...I will keep them in my booth in case someone asks about the photos.

Hi, I just recently ordered some pictures from you as a present! I think you take amazing pictures... Liz

Reed, Great pictures again. Id like to order _DSC5759 as an 8x10 with my name, rodeo and date on it. I would also like an electronic version of it if possible. Thanks Tate

Hey there Reed! Can you put a collage together for me of the pics you like! Let me know where to send paypal or send me an invoice:)) I love them all! Thanks again!! Blessings, Fallon Taylor

Reed, I just received my photo and I love it. Wanted to see if I could order two more just like the one u sent. ID: 146748 DSC9670. 2012 lakeside rodeo perf1 barrels Jennifer Brown Solar Sixth lakeside PRCA rodeo 4/20/2012. My ref# 4347876098 order#10340. I hope all this info helps u find the print I am referring to. Thank u sooo very much:) Sent from my iPhone


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